External Electric Vibrator

  • Category: Placing / Vibrator & Pump
  • Brand: Oli - Vibrator

About External Electric Vibrator

MVE-HF - External high frequency electric vibrating motors.

OLI high frequency electric vibrating motors for outdoor use are characterized by high operating efficiency and ease of installation.

Specially designed fasteners (quick-fit terminals) reduce installation and repositioning time.

Used both in prefabrication plants and on construction sites, high frequency electric vibrating motors are the ideal solution for obtaining optimal results in compacting concrete.

Use cycle: S1 continuous

Multivoltage: 3ph 42V – 3ph 230 / 400V (* tolerance ± 10%)

Fixed frequency: 50Hz and 200Hz

Variable frequency: 0 ÷ 100Hz

Operating temperature: -10 ° C / +40 ° C

Maximum noise: 85 dB (A) at 1 m distance

Material: cast aluminum or iron

Finish: painted.