Control Panel Converter

  • Category: Placing / Vibrator & Pump
  • Brand: Oli - Vibrator

About Control Panel Converter

CONTROL PANEL - Electronic frequency converter

The OLI control panel is available in two versions: mobile or fixed.

The mobile version, equipped with wheels, is able to feed 4 to 8 vibrators simultaneously, while the fixed version the number and type of attachments can be customized according to needs.

In systems that require automation at the highest levels, it is possible to prepare the panels with remote control of the individual groups of vibrators via radio control.

The Control Panel gives the possibility to feed the vibrators one by one, in groups or all at the same time.

Input voltage: 380 / 500V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz.

Output voltage: available at 400V, 230V or 42V.

Output frequency: adjustable by potentiometer from 0 to 200Hz according to the nominal frequency of the vibrators

Complete protection against: overloads, short circuits, overheating and voltage fluctuations.